02 September 2010

Daily Spoiler Alert! KoTOR & Jade Empire

Starting off gently, here's some major twists or spoilers from Bioware developed games of yesteryear, enjoy!

Knights of The Old Republic
  • YOU are Darth Revan.
Jade Empire
  • Master Li is Sun Li and betrays YOU.
Just highlight the text to get the desired spoilers, be warned though, these were some of the best & most unexpected twists in gaming history at the time. Expect more hubris over the next few days, tomorrow may bring further throwbacks, until there's time to start spoiling the latest releases (by playing them first, or spoiling them for myself...).


  1. This is a great idea! Very original :)

  2. A, luckily i've readed spoiler alert before reading it! :)

  3. I love the pic , love that random video. Random ftw