03 September 2010

Daily Spoiler Alert! Movies To Sift Through

To depart from the proposed video game spoilers calendar, I've decided to spew some filmic spoilers, in order to infuriate the three people who have yet to find out these things.

Shutter Island
  • Leonardo Di Caprio's character is insane and did kill his wife.
Any M. Night Shyamalan Film
  •  Sucks irrevocable amounts of ball sack.
The Machinist
  • Completely rips off Fight Club's dual personality twist near the end.
Dracula 3000
With thos whoppers off my chest, proverbially speaking at least, we can move forward with some games. I think a Nintendo focused mess of story elements & general game spoilers will likely commence after today's movie based jargon. Enjoy the insight provided by these for the next 24 hours first!

02 September 2010

Daily Spoiler Alert! KoTOR & Jade Empire

Starting off gently, here's some major twists or spoilers from Bioware developed games of yesteryear, enjoy!

Knights of The Old Republic
  • YOU are Darth Revan.
Jade Empire
  • Master Li is Sun Li and betrays YOU.
Just highlight the text to get the desired spoilers, be warned though, these were some of the best & most unexpected twists in gaming history at the time. Expect more hubris over the next few days, tomorrow may bring further throwbacks, until there's time to start spoiling the latest releases (by playing them first, or spoiling them for myself...).

01 September 2010

Video Games Spoiler Alert!

Welcome to a new blog designed to utterly destroy Video Game experiences -- by posting the details of many different releases endings. These same details will likely spoil the game for many readers or save them time on sifting through the megaton bomb of shit that floods the gaming market throughout the years four seasons.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy this cataclysm of spoilers for many of the biggest games out there at the moment. Perhaps some other mediums will be addressed also -- keep clicking to find out.